Sunday, November 16, 2008

Frankenstein 2000 (1992)

Donald O'Brien glows green as Frank 2k.

Poorly dubbed, sparsely plotted, and with a tacky commercial tendency, Joe D'Amato's Filmirage productions are rather disreputable affairs. I love them for their cheapness, their community theater histrionics, and all the unusual locations these intrepid Italians filmed. Frankenstein 2000 found Filmirage in Austria, of all places. Donald O' Brien (Dr. Butcher, M.D., himself) plays Ric, an ex-boxer with a soft head and a soft heart for single mom Georgia Danson (Buio Omega's Cinzia Monreale). Ms. Danson, who owns a cool video rental store and possesses telekinetic powers, is plagued by visions of her little moppet, Stefan, dying violent deaths. This does not factor into the plot but does provide a few outrageous moments to liven up the otherwise dry first half. Three young Austrian punks rape and beat Georgia into a coma and use their influence with the town security guards (strangely, this town has security guards as well as police) to frame Ric. To completely smother the case, the security guards kill Ric and make it look like suicide. Re-animated by Georgia's psychic powers, Ric comes back to seek revenge, and the audience is treated to some monster mayhem:

The morgue attendant is killed in eye popping close-up.

Ric rips out an electrical pole to smash some security guards!

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